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We allow all property practitioners to list themselves on our directory. Users are also able to join the platform when enquiring about a property.

To list yourself as a property practitioner is freee. We only charge when you want to add your listings over R2,5 million. For more information on pricing, visit this link.

As a property practitioner, you face the challenge of listing alongside your competition on flooded property directories when having a shared mandate. On Insiders Invest, we only accept the first listing for a specific property, meaning you get all the exposure and leads captured for that specific property. We work on a first come, first serve basis.

Although we let you list for free, we also cater to allow you to boost your exposure on the platform. This is in Beta testing and will be released to our database when ready.

We have separated developments from residential listings as to ensure users can distinguish between developments and houses. Developments are listed as a flat fee per month of R900. You can add as much detail as possible on the following submission process and our team will reach out to you directly to confirm all details.

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